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Pediatric Health Experts Urge Kids To Practice Safe Sledding

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Our recent snow has a lot of kids ready to jump on their sleds, but a group of pediatric experts wants parents to hear its safety alert.

Before kids head out for sledding, make sure they protect their heads by wearing a helmet.

A medical review by Gillette Children's Specialty Healthcare found that nearly one-third of all sledding-related emergency department visits were because of head injuries. The sledding injuries were similar to skiing and snowboarding falls.

Dr. Michael McGonigal is the Director of Trauma Services at the hospital.

"If you're into serious sledding, if you've got an actual sledding hill where you can move fast, if you're at a hill where you actually do have snowboarders or skiers who are wearing helmets, then you probably should consider that," he said.

Doctors say helmets aren't necessary if you're on a small hill going about as fast as you could run, but using simple safety precautions will ensure having fun in the snow.

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