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Shutdown May Halt SNAP Food Program After February

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- The ongoing federal shutdown means there is a threat to the way hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans get their food.

The SNAP program, formerly known as the food stamp program just got emergency funding to continue through February, the future of the program is unclear. If SNAP funding does run out, it will have a major impact on your local food shelf.

About 400,000 Minnesotans help fill their pantries by using a SNAP card. It's a money saver and, for some, it's a life saver.

"I'm a senior woman who's been on disability and desperately needs the food stamps because that's the only way to pay for food," Cecilia said.

A college grad who has suffered two major car accidents, she relies on the federal government for food. She says amidst a shutdown, she's scared the SNAP program will run out.

"I don't know if the food banks can make up for it. I seriously doubt it; they can help but they can't replace," she said. "It's the only way to pay for food."

Funding is in place for the SNAP program and the WIC program through February. If the shutdown goes on after that it's not clear what will happen.

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