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Pat Shurmur Is Behind The Vikings' Evolving Offense

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- The Minnesota Vikings had their starting quarterback for six quarters.

Their starting running back for 15.

They've had starting receivers and linemen miss multiple games.

Yet, they've got a top-10 offense.

Offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur has been masterful this season, using a variety of different personnel groups, making for an incredibly diverse and unpredictable offense -- thanks to a constantly-expanding and evolving playbook.

Pat Shurmur
Pat Shurmur (credit: CBS)

"Well, my mindset is I try to learn something every day, and I'm always watching film, not only of ourselves and our opponents, but other teams," Shurmur said. "It's very easy to do with technology the way it is."

Shurmur has said often that he doesn't have what you would call "his offense," but is continually incorporating new things. From his West Coast background, he has added up-tempo spread concepts, college plays and schemes of his own invention. He is always innovating.

"I think offenses evolve. Each week you look at your opponent and you have your core set of game plan plays, and then you have the adjustments that you make," he said.

Of course, having such a diverse offense is all-incumbent on players to be smart enough to handle that, and coaches to be effective at communicating it.

"Fortunately, we have some very smart players that have a feel for conceptual football," Shurmur said. "And I'm constantly looking for ways to say what we do in fewer words, so you can execute it quicker."

Five different players scored touchdowns this past Sunday in Washington. That doesn't happen without a creative offensive coordinator.


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