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Serial Rapist Jory Wiebrand Sentenced To 46 Years In Prison

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Serial rapist Jory Wiebrand, 35, has been sentenced to just short of 46 years in prison for sexually assaulting several women in Minneapolis between 2015 and 2020.

Wiebrand struck a plea deal in January, pleading guilty to five counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, four of which were first-degree level, and one which was a second degree charge, according to the Hennepin County Attorney's Office. He was originally charged in 14 cases.

He attacked women in their homes, yards, and walking to their cars or bus stop. The random and brutal assaults put entire neighborhoods on high-alert for years.

It's been six years since Brooke Morath was attacked by Wiebrand in Dinkytown.

"My friend had gotten back from spring break and I was on my way to my car to pick her up from the bus stop, and that's when I was blitz-attacked by Mr. Weibrand, pepper-sprayed in the face and violently tackled to the ground," she said. "I wasn't the first his skill level was so telling and I knew I wouldn't be the last if he wasn't caught."

Friday's sentencing was also the first time Morath met the other women who survived his attacks. Four of them shared about their struggles with everything from crippling anxiety and substance abuse to eating disorders, suicidal thoughts and a loss of independence since the attacks.

"We share the worst bond that you could, but also for the first time in six years you're not isolated and alone," Morath said.

Sgt. Matt Wente who worked on the case says Wiebrand was tough to track down because he wasn't in the system and attacked random strangers at random times.

"There were times when he took three years off," Wente said. "I think it was really based on opportunity."

Wiebrand apologized in court Friday, but Morath says she didn't see remorse.

"I would much rather him not say anything at all," she said. "I'm just relieved that this part is over."

Wiebrand will be in conditional release for the rest of his life, and have to register as a predatory sexual offender. He is also ordered to pay restitution.

Wiebrand focused his attacks for years on women near the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis's Marcy-Holmes neighborhood and in the Dinkytown district.

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