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Senser's Lawyer Requests Overturn Of Felonies

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) - Amy Senser's lawyer wants her guilty verdicts thrown out, and he's also asking for a new trial.

On Friday afternoon, attorney Eric Nelson filed paperwork with the court in hopes of getting her felonies in the fatal hit-and-run overturned.

His basis for this motion is what he considers "insufficient evidence" to sustain those convictions.

Court documents filed by Nelson expressed what Senser has said all along - she didn't know she hit a person.

She testified during her trial that she thought she hit a construction barrel in a heavy construction area, and she had made no attempts to conceal her vehicle afterwards.

Nelson said the state failed to prove that Senser knew she hurt or killed someone.

He also said a new trial should be granted in the interests of justice.

Nelson also said the judge in the case made numerous mistakes, including his handling of the victim's toxicology report, which the jury never heard.

And there's the issue of a note written by jurors that was never read in court.

Nelson believes that this note, which says jurors believed Senser thought she hit a car and not a person, was an important matter that should have been disclosed immediately, and not days later.

Neither the Hennepin County Attorney nor attorney Eric Nelson would comment on today's events.

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