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Sen. Michel On Koch, Brodkorb Relationship Rumors

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Its been a rocky week for the Minnesota Republican party.

Sen. Amy Koch resigned as Majority Leader. She made that announcement after she was accused of an improper relationship with a Senate staff member.

Senior Republicans say they received multiple complaints from multiple Senate employees. Koch's colleagues say they are shocked by the allegations.

And there's more drama within the GOP -- the Senate Republican Caucus spokesman, Michael Brodkorb, is no longer working for the Minnesota Senate.

Sen. Geoff Michel, now interim leader of the GOP, appeared on WCCO Sunday Morning and was asked about the rumored inappropriate relationship. WCCO's Esme Murphy asked Michel, point-blank, is the Senate staffer allegedly involved with Sen. Koch, Brodkorb?

"I'm going to answer as fully and completely as I can, any of your questions today, but the law prohibits me from talking about any specific Senate employees or even former Senate employees," he said. "There's a legal process that will surround that. We've asked the secretary of the Senate, who handles these sorts of human resources issues, to handle this for us."

Michel said it's been a tough week for the Minnesota GOP, but they're hoping to move on.

"A very rough week, Esme, no other way to say that, I guess one of the things we're trying to do now is to make it clear we have a transitional team in place, we are moving forward and the Senate republican caucus will have elections within two weeks, so by the end of December we'll have a new leader, a new leadership team and then we'll be able to move into January and a new session," Michel said.

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