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18-Year-Old Charged After Slashing Himself In Custody

MINNNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- The man who was shot by police inside Minneapolis City Hall in December has been charged with four felony counts, including use of deadly force against a peace officer.

The incident happened Dec. 18. The complaint says 18-year-old Marcus Fischer was arrested at work at the Mall of America. Police believe he had arranged to buy a gun and then shot the seller in the chest.

Police said they patted down Fischer but he was still able to hide a folding knife within the waistband of his pants.

Fischer was taken to police headquarters and into an interview room at City Hall. He then asked for water, and the officers left the room to get it. The criminal complaint says that's when Fischer reached into his waistband and got the knife.

The two officers returned to find Fischer stabbing himself, with blood strewn around the room, investigators reported.

Doctors said that Fischer managed to slit his throat, his wrists and stab himself in the chest. Despite pleas to stop, the complaint says he continued to stab himself.

The officers arranged to get a stun gun on the scene to use it on him, but it missed making contact with Fischer. Police said then Fischer approached them with the knife in the air above his head, and that's when they both shot him.

He was brought to Hennepin County Medical Center for surgical treatment, and was days later sent to Hennepin County Jail.

Fischer told investigators in the aftermath he just didn't want to go to jail, knew that police would shoot him if he approached them with a knife, and "could've taken a better path."

In addition to the twin sets of charges for first-degree deadly force against a peace officer and second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon, he also awaits trial for earlier charges of robbery and assault.

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