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2 Miami teens flourishing in AP classes thanks to Edina ABC program

The Future looks bright: 2 teens flourish in AP thanks to Edina ABC program
The Future looks bright: 2 teens flourish in AP thanks to Edina ABC program 02:50

EDINA, Minn. -- Asoka and Adaolisa Mba know how to play, but most of their days, they work on their grades.

Asoka is a busy junior at Edina High School, and Adaolisa is a busy senior.

"Right now I am taking organic chemistry, AP BC Calculus, AP U.S. History," Asoka said.

"AP Econ, Spanish 3, AP Bio," Adaolisa added.

The two are so focused on their futures that they are making big sacrifices in the present. They left their family in Miami to live in Minnesota, part of the academic-based fulltime program called Edina ABC.

"They work tirelessly not only on their school work but with their teachers, so if they need help, they ask for it," program director Betsy Kumagi said. "I can't imagine doing all the courses they take and they do it with grace and humility."

It's a tough lifestyle that is making their parents who immigrated from Nigeria proud.

"I want to honor them by doing good and taking advantage of these opportunities and try my best," Adaolisa said.

And their futures couldn't seem brighter, Asoka says.

"I want to do dentistry in the future, and right now I am just focused on courses that would help me with that future," Asoka said.

"I am aspiring to be a psychiatrist, and med school is looking good for the future. I do want to work in mental health and have a direct help in helping people with their mental health problems," Adaolisa said.

She hasn't decided where she is going to school but has been accepted to Harvard.

And as they continue to look forward, they are also looking back at how Black history made America.

"Its important to acknowledge the people who have come before us and sacrificed their lives, themselves, to help this nation prosper," Asoka said. "I want to thank all the people who have come before us and opened doors for us to be able to be in this program right now, and know what we can achieve."

Edina ABC recruits six students a year from around the country. They are taking donations and volunteers to be host families on weekends. 

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