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Season Of Hope: Bringing The Quiggles Closer To Haiti

ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) - About a year ago, a pair of brothers in Haiti told a St. Paul couple that gave one of them an opportunity for adoption that they wanted their younger sibling to have a home first.

Touched by the boys' selflessness, the family has since been on a journey to adopt all three boys to add to their family of five.

Megan and Barry Quiggle can't wait for their three adopted sons to finally arrive in St. Paul.

"It might be in six to nine months, it might be in 12 to 24, but either way, you know, those boys are ours," Megan said. "It's putting faith in something that you can't see."

Their journey began on a church mission trip to Haiti where they were able to meet Jameson, a child they'd been paying $30 a month to sponsor.

By during their last day in Haiti, they were thinking of adopting Jameson. But he soon told them something that would change their lives forever.

"He says, 'Well, Edson and I have talked, and we want you to take Michael first," Megan said.

The older brothers wanted their youngest brother to have a home before them. Their selflessness inspired the Quiggles to adopt all three - a process that takes months for the Haitian government to approve.

"Our lives are in some other people's hands and…there's nothing that we can really do about anything to speed it up," she said.

There is something, however, that WCCO – with the help of Slumberland - noticed could be done to make the wait a little more bearable.

First, we gave the Quiggles a gift card that will help with the cost to fly and visit the boys in-person.

Second, we gave them an iPad in order to Skype with their boys. After a couple hours of trying to get a connection, they were able to talk to the three brothers.

The Quiggles were able to see how big the boys had grown since their last encounter. They also were able to show the brothers their Christmas tree, and to let them know that they've been practicing Creole – the boys' native language.

Although separated by thousands of miles, it was a reminder that their worlds aren't so far apart after all.

"It's just a wonderful, wonderful thing," said Barry.


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