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Search Warrants Reveal Disturbing New Information In Bemidji Girl's Kidnapping

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Eleven search warrants have been filed in the case of a 5-year-old girl who was kidnapped in Bemidji. The new court documents show Melissa Norby, the babysitter who was one of the little girl's mom's best friends, may have played a role in helping a man plan the kidnapping.

In late June, police found the child alive inside a camper in a rural area 26 hours after a fire was reported at a trailer park in Bemidji. Her alleged kidnapper, Jacob Kinn, was found on that property near Big Fork, Minnesota, which is owned by his brother.

Court documents say Norby's body was found in the trailer underneath a mattress, her hands and feet bound.

Investigators did find evidence of an accelerant near the burned out trailer, leading them to suspect foul play.

Kinn has since been charged with kidnapping, but so far, there are no charges in connection with Norby's death.

Court documents say investigators did an extensive search of social media; relatives of Norby who were interviewed by police say it was the way she communicated as well as the way she looked for dates.

According to the search warrants, detectives looked through text messages between Kinn and Norby. The documents say Kinn's cell phone had sexually explicit text messages between Norby and Kinn -- referring to the 5-year-old girl.

It appears the two of them had been apparently attempting to acquire the child for the purpose of sexually assaulting her.

It says Norby and Kinn discussed possibly kidnapping scenario such as Norby claiming to police she was assaulted by a stranger who snatched the child.

Kinn eventually admitted to investigators that he and Norby had been in a relationship. He also admitted the child was present and nude when the couple had sex.

Court documents say Kinn said the child's presence was used to enhance his and Norby's sexual experience at the time.

The warrant says in the month leading up to the abduction, Kinn searcedh the internet on his cell phone on how to get a drug known as roofies and horse tranquillers. He also researched the address of the little girl's family. Court documents say the girl showed signs of sexual assault.

Kinn has not been charged with sexual assault, arson or murder. He is due back in court later this month.

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