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'Your Dog, Molly, Is Waiting': Relatives Of Jayme Closs Make Public Plea

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- The FBI announced a $25,000 reward for any information leading to the whereabouts of Jayme Closs Wednesday.

It has been 10 days since her disappearance, and the murder of her parents -- James and Denise Closs -- in their Barron, Wisconsin home.

Investigators believe the 13 year old is still in danger, and now her relatives are making a public plea.

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Speaking out for the first time from the Barron County sheriff's podium, two of Jayme's aunts called out directly to the missing teen.

"To whoever may know where Jayme is, please contact the Barron County Sheriff's Department," said aunt Jennifer Smith. "Jayme, we need you here to fill that hole we have in our hearts."

The girl's beloved pet joined them.

Jayme Closs Aunts and Dog Molly
(credit: CBS)

"Your dog, Molly, is waiting for you. She's sleeping in one of your sweatshirts," Smith said.

The renewed, public plea comes as a fresh team of investigators poured over the Closs family's home, carting away several new pieces of evidence, including a mattress, a nightstand and several boxes.

"We keep combing over evidence, looking for new things," said Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald.

It's been 10 long days of searching, and Jayme is still gone -- fracturing a small community where crimes like this seem unimaginable.

Sheriff Fitzgerald said 200 law enforcement members continue to work around the clock to bring this young girl home.

"Any tip can bring Jayme home at any one time," Fitzgerald said.

This community has been deeply impacted by this case, and it is having a ripple effect across the nation. The Law Enforcement Foundation in Barron has received $11,000 in unsolicited donations since Closs went missing. Those donations have been coming in from across the country.

Funeral services are planned for Jayme's parents this weekend, at 1 p.m. Saturday at St. Peter's Catholic Church in Cameron, Wis.

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