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Volunteer Finds Bullet In Eden Prairie Missing Woman Search

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- In Eden Prairie, friends and family aren't giving up the search for Mandy Matula after coming up empty over the weekend.

Mandy was reported missing after she didn't show up to work last Thursday. She was last seen with her ex-boyfriend, David Roe. Investigators wanted to question him about her disappearance, but he shot himself before talking to police. He died Friday.

On Saturday, a volunteer discovered an unfired piece of ammunition, which is consistent with the type of handgun and ammunition found on Roe.

Volunteers have been out at Anderson Lakes Regional Park since about 9 a.m. Monday, combing the area looking for any signs of Mandy. It comes after a full weekend of searching through Miller Park in Eden Prairie and other areas without much turning up.

A group of about 20 people have been out searching after friends of Mandy posted on Facebook encouraging people to search Optimum Park, ditches, dumpsters, backyards and at Anderson Lakes in Eden Prairie, to look for Mandy.

Investigators decided to expand the search out of Miller Park in Eden Prairie this weekend after cell phone records showed Roe was in Stearns County after he was last seen with Mandy. Investigators had found an unused bullet but are not saying whether it matched the handgun Roe used to shoot himself Thursday afternoon.

It's been four days since Mandy went missing, but volunteers remain committed to finding her. That Facebook page is called "Finding Mandy Matula." Family, friends and volunteers have been posting there about where they have already searched and where they need help next searching. If you want to get involved you can check that out to help.

"I hear the St. Cloud community is jumping on board, people are coming down from Duluth. You just don't want this kind of thing to be unanswered in 20 years. You want it answered, the whole community does, let alone her family and friends," said a searcher.

"Anything like this is so upsetting, and you just want to do whatever you can to help. We're keeping spirits as high as everybody can," said one searcher.

Wayne Matula, Mandy's father, says his family is frustrated because there is no clear evidence about where his daughter might be. He knows the police are doing everything they can, but he is wishing for more answers.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO's Susie Jones Reports

Matula Family

Mandy's mother posted in that Facebook page she wrote: "God bless all of you." Also, Mandy's brother Steven said that police found a video on Roe's cell phone that he said goodbye to his family so that also now a piece of evidence in this case.

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