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SCOTUS abortion ruling sparks rallies from both sides of issue

Both sides on Roe v. Wade decision rally in the Twin Cities
Both sides on Roe v. Wade decision rally in the Twin Cities 02:23

ST. PAUL, Minn. -- Saturday morning, about 20 people who oppose abortion rights voiced their opinions.

"The fight is not over, if anything, it's gotten bigger. Up until now we've had one single battle on the national level and now it's split to 50 individual battles on the state level," said Jenna Schabert with Students for Life.

And Saturday evening, a crowd of those that support abortion rights met in the same spot.

"A lot of people are grieving right now, but we're trying to encourage people to turn that grief into rage and to turn that rage into social change," said Christine Harb of the Socialism and Liberation Party.

Some supporting with different perspectives.

"I'm worried about what direction the government is going. I'm worried about women's rights. I'm not for abortion, but I don't think it's the government's decision to make for women," said Julie, who was in attendance at the evening rally.

The prevailing emotion among the people at the rally in support of abortion rights was disappointment. But there was also some positivity about where Minnesota stands.

"I feel great to be living in a state and staying in a state that is gonna keep abortions legal and accessible," said Eva Hedstrom of St. Paul.

"I do think that because we are continuing to offer abortions here, it doesn't mean that we stop fighting for the rest of states in the country, the rest of the people," said Harb.

Both sides, hoping to spark change in Minnesota

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