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Runners risk unpredictable Minnesota weather and take on Hot Dash Tater Trot

Thousands run in annual Hot Dash Tater Trot
Thousands run in annual Hot Dash Tater Trot 01:43

MINNEAPOLIS -- Thousands of runners from across Minnesota took part in Saturday morning's Hot Dash Tater Trot, an annual event that doesn't always have the weather's cooperation.

"Last year, I ran the hot dash and it was windy and snowy and like 17 degrees. It was miserable but we still had a great time," Jeanne Nauman, of Ramsey, said.

Minnesotans took to the race to celebrate the end of winter at the race which included free beer, a meat raffle, firepits and more.

"The last time I ran it, I was way underdressed when I got here cause it was really cold so today was pretty nice though. It was for me perfect weather for it," Sarah Melde, of Rochester, said.

Perfect weather for a ten-mile run is something that seemed impossible just a few weeks ago.

"I was a bit doubtful. I thought we might be hopping on snow and ice but what a gorgeous day. A little wind and sunshine," Nauman said.

"The wind kind of cools you down when you get too sweaty and the sun feels great," Megan Place, of St. Paul, said.

But the lingering effects of winter still had an impact on the runner's course.

"[There's] a little bit of ice spots, a little bit of potholes. The cobblestone by the U is always a little treacherous. Some of those are weak or wiggly and popping out, so it's a good little obstacle course added in," said Nauman.

But now that spring is here, these Minnesotans are hoping to do more running around.

"After we've been inside all winter and kind of inside for the last three years, I think to get out and get some fresh air is… it's a healthy decision," said Melde.

Those who entered the race also got to enjoy a sampling passport of hot dish varieties after the run.

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