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Rosen's Top Minnesota Sports Stories Of 2010

By Mark Rosen, WCCO-TV

It's not easy being a Minnesota sports fan these days. The Vikings broke our hearts again last January, the Twins won another division, but went meekly into the night in three straight to the Yankees, the Wild and Wolves aren't sniffing around the playoffs and perhaps the best Gopher program, John Anderson's baseball team doesn't have a place to play now that the Metrodome has collapsed.

How do we look back at the 2010 sports year in Minnesota?

No. 4 -- March mega deal with Minnesota Twins catcher Joe Mauer.

Yes, the numbers were staggering, $184 million over eight years but imagine had the Twins not signed him and Mauer was going into his free agent season.

Should we expect more despite an MVP award, and three batting titles? Absolutely. And he needs to develop a sharper edge in the clubhouse as a true leader of this team.

No. 3 -- Firing of Gophers head football coach, Tim Brewster.

The firing came after a 1-6 start and a 15-30 record and a batch of coordinators leaving season after season. University of Minnesota athletic director Joel Maturi made an emotional decision when he fired Glen Mason. The coaching cupboard was pretty empty and Maturi settled for a man who talked a good game much more than he coached.

Ironic, because the hiring of Jerry Kill from Northern Illinois has quickly gone from "Who?" to "Let's give this guy a chance."

At least he has continuity in a loyal assistant staff.

No. 2 -- Opening of Target Field.

Despite all the legislative holdups, the past mistakes of the Carl Pohlad regime, the Minnesota Twins new playground not only injected much-needed new life into the downtown area, but it became one of the best

venues in all of sports. And maybe it was a lot of luck but just one postponement all season. I mean, the Vikings HAD a roof and had two home games postponed.

No. 1 -- Collapse of Metrodome

And it's a story that will continue into 2011. The literal collapse of the old paneled Dome, symbolic for so many reasons. One game moved to Detroit, another to TCF Stadium, which could be home to the Vikings next year -- and into the future depending how a new stadium bill goes this session.

The entire Viking's season collapsed under the weight of their own ineptitude from Brett Favre's indecision and poor play to Sidney Rice's hip injury. Then there's the trade for Randy Moss and the handling of his sudden dismissal which led to Brad Childress's firing to the Favre's sexting scandal and the 33-3 home loss to the Packers -- the season all came tumbling down just like the Teflon roof.

2011 has to be better -- doesn't it?

WCCO-TV's Mark Rosen Reports

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