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Rising Singing Star Has The 'New Twin Cities Sound'

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- There's no doubt that the Twin Cities has a vibrant music scene. But one rising star's music is being called the "new Twin Cities" sound.

He's got the ambition and the drive -- some say he possess the talent to be the next big artist to come out of Minnesota.

Kovan Baldwin wants to capitalize on being from the Twin Cities. He grew up listening to the "Minneapolis Sound."

"Mint Condition, I love Mint Condition," he said.

From Mint Condition to Alexander ONeal, Morris Day and the Time to Prince, this young artist hopes to follow in their footsteps.

Kovan is quick to point out, his music is different from what you may hear on the radio today.

"I bring a lot of positivity into my lyrics I don't center around sex or drugs or anything like that. I cater to my audience and cater to the youth as well," Baldwin said.

His positive lyrics, attitude and lifestyle is the end result of how he was raised.

"Spirituality really plays a big part in my life," he said.

Spiritual and the kid's got soul.

"I grew up listening to The Temptations, Michael Jackson, Prince also Luther Vandross and Marvin Gaye -- soulful music, I just love it," he said.

Kovan hopes both young and old listen to his music. He hopes the positve lyrics educates as well as entertains.

"I hope this takes me to the top," he said. "My goal is to just inspire young people in general because a lot of times today in music they are really putting a lot of negativity in the lyrics and I really want folks to focus on the message."

Kovan graduated from Augsburg College, since then he has performed all over the Twin Cities. He evened opened for Alexander O'Neal.

His single "Call Me" debuted on FM channel and is currently one of the channel's most requested songs.

From Sydney to London, Seattle to New York, Kovan hopes to inspre the masses -- one listener at a time.

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