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Rise Expected In Fuel Prices For Boats Compared To Last Summer

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- A break from the storms and a hot start to the weekend means many Minnesotans will be hitting the water, fueling up the boat will drain more from your pockets. This time last year, gas was about a $1.80 per gallon. After a steady climb, it's now a dollar higher.

While gas prices are high everywhere, they're even higher on the river. Marinas along the St. Croix are selling gas anywhere between $3 and $5 a gallon.

"This is a new boat for us this year so we're extremely excited to get out in it," said Butch Harvieux, who has had his boat on the St. Croix River since the first weekend in April, with plans to be out on the water as much as possible this summer. "There's nothing better, nothing better out here."

His power boat has a 200-gallon tank, which can add up when gas is $3.89 a gallon, like it is at Bayport Marina Association.

"That's $600 (for a full tank)," said Harvieux.

Ellsa Ohmann helps manage Bayport Marina Association.

"Right now our gas prices are at $3.89 and I'm guessing by the end of the summer, maybe like $4.25, maybe higher," said Ohmann.

Bayport Marina is seeing one of their busiest summers yet. Their 200-boat slip marina is already full.

"Our waitlist right now I think is over 100 people long," said Ohmann.

Jody and Scott Renneke keep their boat at Bayport Marina, and fill up there too.

"They're low compared to other marinas," said Scott Renneke.

Just up the river a few miles in Stillwater at Sunnyside Port, their gas is $4.29 a gallon, which is up 40 cents compared to this time last summer.

Expensive gas impacts how far some boaters are willing to travel to save on gas.

"We plan our weekends of how far we're going to go, maybe we'll just go to the Hudson Bay or whatever, but definitely going to affect our summer," Harvieux said.

The reason fuel at marinas along the river is more expensive than getting it at the pump is because it's 89 octane with marine-grade ValvTect additive for boat motors.

To check out Bayport Marine Association for overnight rental slip availability or summer specials, go to their Facebook page or their Instagram page.

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