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Ringing in a 4/20 Minnesota marijuana milestone

First legal 420 in Minnesota sparks celebration for some
First legal 420 in Minnesota sparks celebration for some 02:14

ST. PAUL, Minn. — It's the first legal 4/20 here in the state of Minnesota, after the legislature legalized recreational marijuana last summer.

On Saturday, those who partake rang in 4/20 at Grounded Gardens Cannabis Company in St. Paul.

"This is so exciting for us," said co-owner Shane Guptill.

Saturday's celebration featured home growers, artists, a D.J. and more.

"I've been an activist for over 15 years, so to have legal 4/20 and to have a party, is our best day ever," said co-owner Bridgette Pinder.

When it's all said and done, the owners said they are expecting several hundred to walk through their doors Saturday.


"We have gummies and chocolates and bon bons and drinks," said Pinder.

"I think it's really fun, I mean I think it's great," said Mia Kalter, who stopped by the store to celebrate. "A lot of people who used it medicinally can now get over that hurdle and get to use it recreationally."

Amidst all the excitement over the first legal 4/20, the store owners said there's a lot of frustration over confusion and grey areas, with a legal marketplace that has not yet been established, they said they fear breaking the law.

"There's kind of this gray area of 'well are we selling a t-shirt and then giving the flower with it,'" said Pinder.

Grounded Gardens loses business every day, since they aren't legally allowed to sell flower, according to Pinder.

"There are some people that are selling it already in their stores and so that's tough for people like us," she said.

"It's been a really frustrating wait for us," said Guptill. "It's really drawn a lot of people still to the black market for being able to source their cannabis, when it really shouldn't be like that."

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