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Richfield teen raises thousands for adaptive biking program with lemonade stand

Teen hopes to give back with lemonade stand
Teen hopes to give back with lemonade stand 01:47

RICHFIELD, Minn. – Richfield teenager Joe Carr is once again making a big impact in a small way. On Thursday, the 19-year-old helped raise nearly $10,000 dollars for Gillette Children's Adaptive Bike Program by way of a lemonade stand.

Joe Carr, who was born with cerebral palsy, has done the fundraiser each of the past seven years.

"He's just an amazing young man," said his mom, Kristi Carr. "He's just always thinking of other people, always has a smile on his face, starts every day out happy. I wish I could have half of his positivity. He's just a joy."

Joe Carr's cerebral palsy has led to requiring numerous surgeries and injections throughout his life. It also, however, has given him the chance to experience water skiing, horse riding, and of course – adaptive biking.

The idea for the stand was Joe's – something he presented to his mom, who then enlisted the help of his paraprofessional helper.

"It was his idea, and the whole growth of it is due to his efforts and charisma, he's not shy about asking people for support," said Bill Aberg, who has worked with Joe Carr since he was in kindergarten. "It was his idea just to make a few dollars. I don't think either of us had any idea of what it would become."

"Gillette Children's has done a lot for me and my family," Joe Carr said.

"You really are not limited by things," Kristi Carr said. "Joe has never let cerebral palsy limit him or make him unable to do things."

The Carr family is continuing to raise money through an online campaign.

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