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Residents On Lyndale Grateful Fire At Nearby Auto Parts Store Didn't Ignite Their Home

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Protesters openly defied curfew orders in Minneapolis overnight, and firefighters were overwhelmed putting out several business and brush fires throughout the city during the fourth night of unrest after the death of George Floyd.

And the targets of arson are popping up are moving around.

Six-year-old Taikaria struggles to understand what happened to her neighborhood overnight, seeking comfort in her parents.

"They just hug me and keep me safe from the fire," she said.

Like so many others, Taikaria came out of her Lyndale neighborhood home Saturday morning to see devastation.

Cam McCambridge is in disblief over what's left of the building he owned. What used to be an O'Reilly Auto Parts on the left and a Family Dollar on the right is now gone from an overnight fire started by agitators.

McCambridge was shocked people were able to cause this much damage.

"We boarded up these windows. There's only three banks of windows here. somehow they pried through and did what they did," McCambridge said.

As hard as it is to see, no one was hurt in the fire, including Ellie Underwood, who lives in the apartment building next door. She said it was a neighborhood effort to keep everyone safe and keep their homes standing.

"People in the back alley had their hoses pointed at the building, the houses across the street had their spigots going, filling tubs of water and we were all just bringing them over here," Underwood said. "We're all feeling very grateful this morning."

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