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Report: Kentucky Man Married His Daughter After They Killed Her Minnesota Boyfriend

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- A Kentucky man and his two adult daughters are charged with killing a Minnesota man on Valentine's Day. The victim was reportedly in a relationship with one of the daughters, who then appears to have married her father about a month after the murder.

The Bluefield Daily Telegraph of West Virginia reports that 55-year-old Larry McClure and his daughters are each facing one count of first-degree murder in the death of 38-year-old John McGuire, of Owatonna.

In a letter to court officials earlier this month, McClure, of Pendleton, Kentucky, confessed to the killing, explaining the roles he and his daughters, Amanda McClure and Anna Choudary, played in the crime.

According to investigators, the killing happened on Feb. 14 at a home in Skygusty, West Virginia. McGuire was hit in the head with a wine bottle, tied up, injected with methamphetamine, and strangled, the newspaper reports. Police found McGuire's body on the property.

Larry McClure told investigators that his daughter, Amanda McClure, was the ringleader of the murder, the newspaper reports. She was in a relationship with McGuire and lived in Minnesota. Larry McClure claimed not to know his daughter's motive.

A few weeks after the killing, Larry and Amanda McClure crossed state lines and got married in Virginia.

A marriage license reportedly obtained by the Daily Telegraph showed that the two were wed on March 11, with the name of another man listed as being Amanda McClure's father. In Virginia, marriage between father and daughter is illegal and punishable by up to six months in jail.

Larry McClure told officials where to find McGuire's body in September, after he was arrested on a registry offence. He is a registered sex offender, the newspaper reports.

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