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Rep. Loon: Sunday Liquor Sales Should Be Consumers' Choice

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- A state representative is pushing to change the liquor law that prohibits stores from selling alcohol on Sundays.

Republican Rep. Jenifer Loon said it should be left up to the local city councils to decide if they want to keep the ban in place or get rid of it.

Loon appeared on the WCCO Sunday Morning show and said she has received "very positive" reaction to her proposal.

"The proposal before us is really about local control, consumer choice and economic freedom," she said. "This prohibition on Sunday sales has been in place since prohibition. All of the bordering states have changed it so you can buy liquor on Sundays, and I think it's time to look at this law."

Loon said it should be up to each local community to decide whether or not to sell alcohol on Sundays -- and that's not a decision she is looking to force upon anyone.

"What I'm saying, let the decision be made closer to the people, by those local municipalities working with their consumers and their businesses, and make the right choice for them," she said. "If you're a resort community and a bordering city, you may be losing a lot of business that you need to make up during those busy tourist times across the border on Sundays and so it may the right decision for a lot of cities in Minnesota."

For Loon's full interview, watch the video above.


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