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Defendant in attack on Rep. Angie Craig, Kendrid Hamlin, sentenced to 27 months in prison

A federal judge has sentenced Kendrid Hamlin of Washington, D.C., to 27 months in prison for the February assault of Rep. Angie Craig, Democrat of Minnesota, in the elevator of Craig's Capitol Hill apartment complex.  

Hamlin followed, trapped and then punched Craig during the attack, according to the Justice Department.   She was bruised and injured. Craig told CBS News she managed to escape by throwing her hot coffee on Hamlin and racing out the doors at the next floor.  

Hamlin pleaded guilty in June and apologized in court Thursday. 

"I apologize to Angie Craig for putting my hands on her," he said. "I apologize for the pain I've caused."

In a striking written letter submitted to the judge, Craig described the after-effects of the assault. She said she has suffered death threats and doxxing following the media coverage of her attack. She said she's since moved to a new Washington, D.C., residence for reasons of safety, and Craig says that her partner and children are still worried about her well-being. 

Washington, D.C., Chief Judge James Boasberg recommended Hamlin be placed in a federal prison medical facility. Hamlin has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and has a lengthy history of substance abuse and suicide attempts, according to his defense lawyer. 

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