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Behind On Your Rent? Apply For Assistance Or Face Eviction

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- There is an important deadline Tuesday for Minnesotans who need help paying their rent. Apply for help, or you could be evicted.

Starting Tuesday, all lease terminations and eviction protections are lifted, unless you're eligible for rental assistance and filed an application.

That means property managers don't have to provide a 15-day pre-eviction filing notice anymore, so the process of getting you out of your home could move more quickly.

If you're behind on rent, you're urged to apply for RentHelpMN as soon as possible and see if you qualify.

RentHelpMN has received more than 49,000 applications. It has paid out more than $128 million. The money is available for those behind in their rent so they can keep stable housing.

To find out if you qualify, click here.

Legislation states evictions may not be filed or proceed against a renter with a pending application for emergency rental assistance. However, if your property owner files a case against you while your application for help is pending, you'll still need to show up for court and show you're protected by law.

Minnesota Housing has staff available at many courts to help you prove your application status, if needed.

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