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Red Wing Bakery Takes One Sweet Political Poll

RED WING, Minn. (WCCO) - During election season, nearly every week there's a new presidential poll.

While the rest of the country looks to Quinnipiac or Gallup, people in Red Wing have a different approach.

Hanisch Bakery & Coffee Shop always brings in the doughnut and cruller crowd on Saturday morning. But, during an election year, breakfast often comes with a side of politics.

Along with the muffins and caramel rolls, the 2012 presidential election is on display.

"You can always stuff the ballot box here and kind of swing it your candidate's way," said owner Bill Hanisch.

This sweet serving of politics also becomes an unofficial presidential poll.

"It's for my husband who loves Romney," said Brenda Engersgjerd, a bakery customer.

"I bought an Obama cookie," said Michelle Hoffman, another bakery customer.

It can be a big decision for anyone. That's why Bill always makes sure to honor party lines.

Romney cookies are covered in red frosting. Obama cookies are covered in blue frosting and each cookie tray is on its respective side.

The Romney cookies are on the right, the Obama cookies are on the left.

The cookie poll has never gotten it wrong, and it started in 1984 with the Reagan/Mondale race.

"They're in tune with what's going on around the country, I don't know," Hanisch said.

This cookie poll hasn't just accurately predicted presidential races, but also gubernatorial races. It even predicted Jesse Ventura's win in 1998.

Whatever the outcome on Nov. 6, in this poll, the result is easy to swallow.

"The best, tastiest poll there is," Jeff McDowell said.

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