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Reddit asks: What is your unpopular opinion about Minnesota?

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MINNEAPOLIS — Alright, Minnesotans. Steel yourselves for some harsh truths and brutal takes.

Last week, a Reddit user posed this prickly question: What is your unpopular opinion about Minnesota? As of Thursday, about 1,000 comments have been posted.

Below, in alphabetical order, are some common categories of contention.


"We are not very good drivers," said Cochin710.

"A 4-way stop can become etiquette hell as everyone is too nice to just go first," said JJBiggs27.

"As a MN transplant, I have been stuck in more than a few Minnesota Stand-offs, I now have a solid one-two 'my turn,' come what may," said Flomar76.

"You balloonheads can zipper merge at Chick-fil-A like a bunch of microsurgeons, but get you out on the highways …" said ElectricOutboards.

"The fact that no one really zipper merges makes me merge sooner cause feel people are going to be like 'no I'm not letting you in,'" said joshyuaaa.

"I like all the new roundabouts," said johnsj3623.  

"94/Lowry Tunnel interchange effectively causes all the traffic in the Twin Cities," said Mpls4allKind

"Taxes are insane and if you fall into a pothole, you most likely will never get out," said North-Nolonger.

Duck, Duck, Gray Duck

"People who act proud of the fact that we say duck duck goose instead of duck duck grey duck need to spend some time building a real personality," said flat_moon_theory.

"Grey duck is dumb, just say goose. It's one syllable. Rolls (off) the tongue nicely. Often follows the word 'silly,'" said Maddog411.

Famous Minnesotans

"Prince, while immensely talented, made boring, redundant music," said Nullainmundo.

"Bob Dylan should not be considered Minnesotan. Robert Zimmerman couldn't stand Minnesota and only became Bob Dylan when he left for New York," said warbling_orea.

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"Juicy Lucy and Sweet Martha's are both mediocre garbage," said Evernight2025.

"A Juicy Lucy isn't that great and Matt's in general is overrated," said RNW1215.

"Caribou is no better than Starbucks. I have yet to go to a Caribou whose coffee doesn't taste burnt," said flat_moon_theory.

"It puts the cheese in the hot dish or it gets the hose again," said stpauliguy.

"Tater tot hot dish is a D-tier hot dish. Greenbean, baked ziti, lasagna, cheesy potato's, egg bake; they all outrank tater tot," said tron_funkin_blow.

"Call it hot dish all you want, y'all make it in a casserole pan cause it's a casserole," said a user with a screen name unfit to print.

"Ick to mushy hot dishes & that gross green bean casserole, and they'll stick anything in a crockpot," said Happylightsmile.

"It's 'soda,' not 'pop.' Pop sounds stupid as hell, and I've lived here for most of my life," said Blue-Sand2424.

"The Minneapolis food scene is abysmal compared to even smaller cities. Every menu is almost exactly the same. It seems like Minnesota folks are afraid of leaving their comfort zones," said International_Bar368.

"Wisconsin has better cheese," said NoElks314.  

Mall of America

"MOA is honestly great. My kids can spend all day in the amusement park throughout the entire winter, and buying discount wristbands from Costco is nice," said quickblur.

"I believe (MOA) will be the Last Mall Standing," said Hot_Aside_4637.

A juicy (or jucy) Lucy WCCO

"Minnesota Nice"/Minnesotans

"Minnesota nice is just leave me alone and I will leave you alone," said funndanni.

"It's not 'Minnesota Nice,' it is 'Minnesota Passive Aggressive,'" said lady_ofthenorth.  

"Many people don't seem to realize that 'Minnesota Nice' is sarcasm," said BoringComplex.  

"Minnesota Nice is actually nice. And I say this as a person who prefers direct confrontation … Minnesotans do accept other communication styles if you're patient with them and you don't accuse them of being passive aggressive at every opportunity," said MPLS_Poppy.

"We are actually a lot more crass to people then other states and we are really passive aggressive," said Bigstink123098.  

"It's not that hard to make friends here, you're just doing something that is weirding people out," said TheMiddleShogun.

"Transplants can only develop real friendships with other transplants here," said Mean_Fae.

"If you're not one of their friends from elementary school, you'll not be included in the circle," said malan4reddit.

"We're too needy for positive attention. Let's just do our own thing and stop caring if the state gets national attention for something," said pablonieve.

"Everyone has this chip on their shoulders about MN not getting the attention and prestige it deserves as a (cultural/economic/academic/whatever) center. But I don't think we are really underrated. People just have a warped perception because (our) immediate neighbors are so mid," said The TurfBandit.  

"Minnesota Goodbyes are painful," said HyggeSmalls.

Minnesota State Fair

"The Minnesota State Fair is what nightmares are made of for introverts and homebodies," said HyggeSmalls.

 "The people who go to the state fair several times per season is odd to me," said joshyuaaa.

"The State Fair sucks. Over-crowded, over-priced, and the food is mediocre at best," said BigRed727272.

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"Walleye isn't that great. It's okay, but trout and salmon are leagues better. Also, walleye fishing has to be the most boring kind of fishing," said callmeapoetandudie.

 "Going to the North Shore never gets old," GrizzlyAdam12.

"Ice fishing is stupid and a waste of time," said SlewBrew.

"The mosquitoes in summer are not that bad and are of normal size," said warbling_oreo.

"Loons are lame. They just survive on good looks. They migrate south and can't take the cold, and they can get stuck in lakes because they need too much space to take off," said RhoemDK.

"With the exception of Lake Superior and some of the Boundary Waters, the lakes aren't good. They are just too g---- shallow. Love the marshes, love the hills, love the plains, love the forests, love the rivers. The lakes are just kinda puddly," said verysmallrocks02.

"People that think this is the prettiest, or the best state to live in, haven't lived in other states," said haveagreatdayu.

"Moose are not a Minnesotan thing," said Fine_Confection_5487.

"Canal Park in Duluth is vastly overrated. Hotels, tourists shops, and overpriced restaurants ... 1,000 better places in MN to see Lake Superior," said Aromatic-Solid-9849.

"Power boats are obnoxious," said Hopeful_Tiger_7582.


"Jesse Ventura was the best governor Minnesota ever had," said robertosmith1.

Sports and Fans

"Minnesota sports fans are some of the worst in the country. Plenty of teams lose. Very few fanbases cry as much about it as Minnesota's," said BanjoStory.

"We don't have anything popular enough to bring in big enough talent to win professional sports championships," said Steezy-g35.

State Flag

"Normal people don't care about the flag," said PowerfulTarget3304.

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"Maybe unpopular to some but snowy winters are nicer than mild and boring winters. I don't want three months of an extended November," said a user with a screen name unfit to print.

"I like the cold weather records. And root for most days below freezing," said GrainneSiobhan.

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