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Record Minnesota Lottery Sales Means More Minnesotans Are Gambling

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO)-- Minnesotans are spending more money on lottery tickets than ever before.

During the Fiscal Year 2018, Lottery sales reached a record of $596.5 million dollars. The unprecedented sales were driven by scratch off games, which Minnesotans spent a record of $411.2 million dollars on.

The increase in lottery ticket purchases also impacted the amount of money returned to Minnesotans. The Minnesota Lottery reports that in 2018, a record of $145 million dollars was delivered back to its beneficiaries, some of which include:

  • $77 million to the state's General Fund
  • $66 million to environmental programs
  • $2 million to support gambling addiction programs

"Since 1990, Lottery sales have generated more than $2.9 billion for Minnesota" says the Minnesota Lottery.

State Fairgoers like to gamble, too. The Minnesota Lottery says that $700,000 dollars worth of lottery tickets were purchased at the Minnesota State Fair in 2017, making the Minnesota Lottery the highest-selling, non-food booth at the fair.


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