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Recipe: Oceanaire's Chesapeake Bay Style Crab Cakes

Christmas & New Year's are around the corner and The Oceanaire Seafood Room can help you host the party of the year! Crab is a holiday staple, as the fare represents prosperity, and every party deserves delicious at-home crab recipes.

Crabmeat, Jumbo Lump - 16 ounces
Fresh Bread, diced - 1 cup
Yellow Onion, diced – 1/4 cup
Parsley, fresh, chopped - 2 TBL
Mayonnaise - 3 Tbsp.
Dijon Mustard, Grey Poupon - 1 Tbsp.
Eggs, whole – 2 each
Worcestershire Sauce - 1 tsp.
Old Bay Seasoning – 1 tsp.

1. Drain crabmeat of excess liquid and place in a mixing bowl.
3. In a separate bowl, combine the fresh diced bread with the remaining ingredients with the aid of a wire whip.
4. Add the crab meat to the bread mixture. Fold gently with a rubber spatula to combine all ingredients.
5. Divide evenly into 4 oz portions…
6. Gently form the crab cake into a loose ball shape
8. Place cakes on a plastic lined sheet pan and cover with plastic wrap

To Bake:

1. Place clarified butter on a baking pan
2. Place crab cake on a baking pan on top of clarified butter, and brush the top of the cakes with clarified butter. Place in 450 degree oven.
3. Bake for approximately 8-10 minutes until thoroughly cooked thorough, and nicely browned and crisped on top
4. Remove from oven and serve immediately with lemon and mustard sauce and/or tartar sauce

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