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'Really Disgusting And Elaborate': Alleged Sex Competition Prompts Protest, Investigation At Minnesota College

COLLEGEVILLE, Minn. (WCCO) -- A sexual misconduct allegation led to a protest at St. John's University on Thursday.

Reports of a "sex competition" among men living on the first and second floors of St. Patrick Hall prompted the university to hire a third-party investigator to look into the allegations.

"There is unfortunately toxic masculinity that affects our students whether they attend St. John's or attend St. Ben's," said Sydney Robinson, who attends the College of St. Benedict.

The sit-in was organized by the Institute for Women's Leadership at the College of St. Benedict, and it comes after a campus newspaper article detailed sexual misconduct allegations. According to students, some sophomore men in St. Patrick Hall at St. John's University, devised a sex competition aimed at female students.

"There was apparently a list and point values -- really disgusting and elaborate," said Connor Kockler, of St. John's University. "I wanted to be here to show my support and show that there needs to be a change."

In an email sent to parents, St. John's transitional President James Mullen Jr. said staff has been talking with students about who is involved in the alleged competition, and they're working with an outside investigator to learn more.

Student leaders had a list of changes they would like to see at Saint John's University and they feel like the administration is willing to work with them on those changes.

"We really want to boost campus security at night because lot of the feedback is that a lot of students from St. Ben's don't feel safe at St. John's campus. Specifically, at night," Julia Geller said.

Geller is executive director for the Institute for Women's Leadership. She said she's encouraged by the support she's seen, and she's hoping it leads to a safer environment for all students.

"We want administration as well as students who are perpetrating these acts to know that's not what we stand for as a community," Geller said.

Students who organized Thursday's protest said they'd also like to see men's development institute much like the women's leadership institute they have at the College of St. Benedict.

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