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Questions Linger After Chase, Fatal Shooting In Eden Prairie

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Two days later, questions remain about why two people led police on a high-speed chase in Eden Prairie during the Friday morning rush hour -- and whether it was a possible hostage situation.

Speeds reached between 80 and 90 miles an hour as a driver led officers on a 45-minute chase.

The driver of the red Saab rear-ended another car and kept going with the hood up, according to video captured of the incident.

Authorities brought the car to a stop with a pit maneuver sending it crashing into a wall.

When it later came to an end on Highway 212, more than a dozen shots were reportedly fired and 36-year-old Matthew Serbus and 34-year-old Dawn Pfister were killed.

Investigators haven't said if both were killed by police or if Pfister was killed by Serbus.

On Pfister's Facebook page, she posted in January the two were in a relationship. She was a mother of two children ages 9 and 12 originally from southwestern Wisconsin.

Both Pfister and Serbus have criminal histories. She was arrested last summer on drug charges.

Serbus has a lengthy criminal history in Minnesota dating back to 1996. His charges range from traffic violations, to drug charges, check fraud and auto theft.

Authorities listed no permanent address when they released their names, so it's not clear where they were living.

Ex-Husband Of Woman Shot, Killed Talks
by Reg Chapman

Jason Pfister, Dawn Pfister's husband of seven and a half years, says he's waiting for the facts before reacting to the death of his ex-wife.

He learned from Dawn's parents about the chase and then turned to the internet to watch.

"Everybody wants an answer right now, but it's just not there yet. That's the hardest part," Jason Pfister said.

The most difficult part was trying to explain what he saw to their children ages 12 and 8.

"We talked about it and everybody had a good cry. We discussed things," Pfister said.

Pfister says the family has so many unanswered questions.

"Nobody knows what happened. Everybody is speculating right now about as to went down," Jason Pfister said.

Until the investigation is complete, Pfister says he refuses to speculate.

"It's not fair for those of us, the family, that's involved in this at this point. It's not fair for the officers and their families that were involved in all this. I mean, it affects a lot of people. It's not just the two people who died the other day. It's so many more people than that," Jason Pfister said.

Whether it was a hostage situation or something else, Jason Pfister says he has to be strong for his son and daughter. He says in the end, no matter what the investigation uncovers, two young children will be forced to move forward without their Mom.

"Them telling us why isn't going to change the loss. That won't be any different when everybody finds out what happened and why it happened. That doesn't change the fact that two people died," Jason Pfister said.

Pfister says you can't completely have closure and say goodbye to someone until you know as much as there is to know. He says he will continue to be there for his children until they learn from investigators the facts behind her death.

Officials are still interviewing witnesses and until the investigation is complete, four officers involved in the shooting -- a state trooper, two Chaska officers and a Carver County deputy -- are on administrative leave, which is standard routine.

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