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Quarantined On Christmas: COVID Interrupts Holiday Plans For Another Year

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- COVID-19 is interrupting holiday plans for the second year in a row.

Minneapolis resident Ashley Lawson is supposed to be in North Dakota Friday night celebrating Christmas with her family. Instead, she's home alone with COVID-19.

"The minute that I saw my test result in my email I was devastated that I was going to have to miss the holidays," Lawson said. "I'm vaccinated, I'm boosted ... [COVID] certainly is nothing that I would want anyone to experience. Not just the diagnosis of COVID, but just having to be quarantined during the holiday."

Ryan Goddard of St. Louis Park was planning to celebrate home with family.

"It was a bit of a bummer, honestly," Goddard said. "I tested positive for COVID, so currently just hanging at the apartment myself. It's always a bit of a shock when it actually happens to you."

Tony Morimoto of Eden Prairie said his COVID diagnosis wiped out Christmas plans with the family.

Christmas in Quarantine
(credit: CBS)

"I started having the chills and I popped a 102-degree temperature yesterday," Tony said.

His wife, Jaime, had family from Illinois who were planning to visit for a few days.

"That visit has been postponed indefinitely," Jamie said.

But in-town relatives still made deliveries.

"My mother in law very kindly brought over eggplant parmesan and meatballs, so that we wouldn't miss out on the feast," Morimoto said.

The silver linings of a holiday at home alone.

"You take a step back and you realize how fortunate we are for so many different reasons. My symptoms are mild, my family is gonna be safe," Lawson said.

"it's a bummer not to see our family, but I'm just so glad that if you're gonna get sick, I'm glad that it's before we saw everybody," Jaime said. "It's better this way than any of the alternative scenarios besides just being healthy I think."

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