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Here's Why You're Seeing Purple Street Lights In Some Metro Cities

APPLE VALLEY, Minn. (WCCO) -- Minnesota has been called "the Purple State," sometimes because of politics, other times related to sports. Or perhaps, "The Purple One" himself, Prince.

But recently in some Twin Cities suburbs, neighbors are seeing purple for a different reason.

There is a bit of a mystery in Apple Valley surrounding 24 streetlights that are shining bright purple along Cedar Avenue.

Purple Lights In Apple Valley
(credit: CBS)

"I drive by them every day and I always thought it was super odd. Like, why just the ones by the [traffic] lights," said Farmington resident Juliana Morelos.

There's speculation over the color having to do with saving energy, saving money, and even aiding traffic cameras with catching speeders. But Matt Saam, Apple Valley's public works director, says they're just bad light bulbs.

"We believe we got a faulty product," Saam said.

He says the city is working on swapping them out, disappointing some drivers we spoke with who actually enjoyed the color change.

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