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Puppy Rescued After Being Found Abandoned, Injured Inside Shakopee Dumpster

SHAKOPEE, Minn. (WCCO) --An 11-week-old puppy left for dead in an auto shop dumpster is getting a second chance at life, after a mechanic rescued him Thursday.

R.J. Cornforth was taking a break from work outside of Midas Auto Repair in Shakopee when he heard noises coming from the dumpster. He opened it to find a backpack with a dog inside—and he was stunned and devastated to see the small animal case aside like trash.

"My heart dropped. This dog didn't need any of that," said Cornforth. "How could you do that to this puppy? It's heartless."

Puppy found in dumpster
Credit: CBS

But the turnaround is heartwarming: After a trip to the vet, antibiotics and a lot of care from his new owner, Conforth, the puppy—named Midas—is on the mend. Just 24 hours after being found in a backpack, dehydrated and unable to walk, Midas mulled about the shop Friday greeting customers, tail wagging as if nothing had happened.

He's a different dog, Cornforth said, and is doing "100% better," adjusting to living with Conforth's two other dogs.

Shop owner Reed Styve said a post about the puppy from the Shakopee Police Department blew up on social media and what followed was an outpouring of support. Just moments before WCCO's interview, someone stopped by just to say thank you for saving him.

"I've taken more calls about the puppy today than I have about car work," Styve said. "We've had donuts dropped off, pizza dropped off, people wanting to donate money to take care of the dog. It's been crazy."

The shop is covering the medical bills for Midas, Styve said, and he is redirecting members of the community to send donations to local animal shelters. The Shakopee Police Department has no suspects or leads at this time, said Shakopee Police Captain Jason Arras.

"It's been heartwarming and it feels good to know that there are people out there that still care," Styve said.

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