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Protesters Gather Across Minneapolis, Demanding 'Justice For Jamar'

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- After Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman's announcement Wednesday morning that no charges would be filed against police officers involved in the shooting death of Jamar Clark, supporters took to the streets, demanding "Justice 4 Jamar."

While some in the community are frustrated the police wont be charged, many are asking for demonstrations to remain peaceful.

Activists planned several rallies across the city, with intentions to converge in front of Hennepin County Government Center downtown in the evening.

PHOTO GALLERY: Supporters March After Jamar Clark Decision

One group of protesters started at the location of the fatal Nov. 15 shooting on Plymouth Avenue, and began marching towards downtown. The rally garnered dozens of protesters along the way -- soon numbering in the hundreds -- as they made their way toward the Government Center.

"I didn't agree with it, so I'm showing solidarity with Jamar, with the Black Lives Matter movement, with the people here," Salah Osman of Minneapolis said. "I think that's why we're all here."

A second rally organized by Black Lives Matter Minneapolis started much closer to downtown, in Elliot Park at the corner of 11th Avenue and 14th Street. By 6:30 p.m., the rally had gathered dozens more protesters, and was growing quickly.

Both groups met in front of the Government Plaza LRT station at around 7:10 p.m. There, leaders spoke to the group about the injustices of the criminal justice system, and Jamar Clark's case.

Protesters sang, prayed, chanted and demanded that something change.

"It's people coming together to witness an injustice and to fight against that injustice, and wanting to change the system," another protester said.

After about an hour, protesters started marching back to north Minneapolis to gather at the site of Jamar Clark's death, where a small memorial sits around a telephone pole. The memorial sits just a few blocks from the Minneapolis Police Department's 4th Precinct. Days after Clark's death, activists set up camp in the area around the 4th Precinct in protest, and stayed there for 18 days.

4th precinct aerial clark protest
(credit: CBS)

At around 10 p.m., protesters moved toward the precinct and even approached one of its doors, where officers were waiting. The officers quickly retreated inside, but protesters remained nearby.

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