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Protesters Rally After Paulsen No-Shows For Town Hall

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Hundreds of people demonstrated in front of Congressman Erik Paulsen's Eden Prairie office on Saturday.

They're upset the Republican congressman didn't attend a Town Hall they invited him to last week.

"I really hope that Erik Paulsen is going to understand we want open dialogue, we want civility, we actually want to know what he says. We aren't here to boo him off a stage or yell at him yell at him from across a crowded auditorium. We want answers and we hope that he'll speak to us," Protester Clara Severson said.

Paulsen's staff said this year he has held two telephone town hall meetings, and more than 100 town halls in the past.

Constituents in Republican Representative Jason Lewis' district held a town hall on Saturday in Burnsville. People wanted to talk about health care and immigration with Congressman Lewis. The group invited him to the meeting, but he didn't attend.

Congressman Lewis' staff told WCCO quote, "I am open and available to all of my constituents. I appreciate hearing from them, whether or not their views align with mine, and am committed to representing every one of my constituents."

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