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'Selling Out': Internet Reacts After Prince's 'Let's Go Crazy' Used In Commercial

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Some Prince fans are going crazy after one of his songs was used in a credit card commercial.

His fans from all over clogged up the Twitter-sphere seconds after the Capital One commercial aired, featuring one of his most popular hits, "Let's Go Crazy."

"After my jaw picked up off the ground, my first thought was, 'Wow,'" said Jim Novak, a music buyer at Prince's favorite record store, Electric Fetus.

Novak, a huge Prince fan, says he did not care for the commercial.

"It felt like to me it really didn't fit with the visuals of the commercial. It was wild, I was just completely surprised," Novak said.

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Other Prince fans turned to social media to express their outrage. One said, "I'll take Prince music wherever and whenever I can get it, but hearing it as the soundtrack to a Capital One commercial is nauseating."

Londel McMillian, Prince's former attorney, tweeted, "Prince would have never approved that 'Let's Go Crazy' license to a bank Capital One. #disrespectful."

"It is nice to hear his music, I mean, it's hard to say what he would want and what he wouldn't want because he is no longer here," said Prince fan Cassandra Van Dyke.

Fans continue to make the trip to see Prince's gold star outside First Avenue in downtown Minneapolis. Some fans believe using his music in commercials is one way of making sure future generations can experience his greatness.

"We all want to commemorate him," Van Dyke said.

Capital One says it feels the same way. In a statement, a Capital One spokesperson said, "Prince is an iconic artist and is greatly missed. We are fans too, and feel his music symbolizes a sense of celebration and togetherness."

It is not clear if Prince's heirs or family had anything to do with the decision to use his music in advertising. The bank in charge of Prince's estate, Comerica, can only make that decision.

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