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Posthumous Vince Flynn Novel Debuts On Best-Seller List

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Two years after author Vince Flynn passed away, the St. Paul native is back on the best-seller list.

The latest Flynn thriller, titled "The Survivor," went on sale at midnight. It was No. 2 among best-sellers at Barnes and Noble stores nationwide.

Flynn started the book before his death, but it was another best-selling author who completed his vision.

Flynn had finished only two pages of the book when he died of cancer in 2013. With the support of Flynn's family, his publisher chose author Kyle Mills to finish the work.

"It was a daunting task," Mills said. "I really wanted to capture Vince's voice."

The author says he immersed himself in the 6,512 pages of Flynn's 14 other books to capture the nuances of his style.

"The Mitch Rapp character has really captured people's imaginations," Flynn said. "But I would also say I love Vince's villains. They are just so incredibly hate-able, and you want to see them get theirs in the end."

One of the early rave reviews for "The Survivor" comes from Flynn's brother, Tim.

"In a way, it's tough because you miss him every day," he said. "But then to be able to read it and know that he started it and for Kyle to be able to carry on the character as well as he did's just awesome."

Tim says he is among fans who are glad "The Survivor" won't be the last Vince Flynn book.

Mills has a deal to write two more Mitch Rapp thrillers.

"I'm about half way through the next one," Mills said. "It's great to be a fan who gets to write about one of your favorite characters."

On Tuesday night at St. Thomas Academy, there will be a panel discussion celebrating Flynn's work.

The event will feature Mills and members of Flynn's family.

The event is a fundraiser for St. Thomas Academy, which is Flynn's alma mater.


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