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Police: Man Assaults Pregnant Girlfriend, Tries To Push Her Out Of Window

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Police arrested a Minneapolis man Saturday night after he allegedly assaulted his 2-month-pregnant girlfriend in their apartment when she refused to bring him liquor.

Jimmy Edward Spears III, 24, was charged with one count of interfering with an emergency call, which is a gross misdemeanor, two counts of domestic assault and one count of disorderly conduct.

Police responded to the scene, located on the 1300 block of 23rd Street East, at around 11 p.m. When they arrived, they found the victim curled in the fetal position on the floor with wounds on her face, left elbow and back, police said.

The criminal complaint describes the episode as follows: The victim has been driving home when she got call from Spears, her boyfriend, in which he told her to stop at the liquor store before coming home. The victim said she wouldn't have time and Spears began screaming into the phone and calling her names.

When the victim arrived home, she found Spears had torn up the apartment and broken many of her things. After yelling at the victim, Spears grabbed her by the hair, pulled her across the floor and punched her seven times in the face. He tried to hit her with a lamp, but failed. He also tried to kick her in the stomach, but failed and hit her in the side. The victim, the report notes, is pregnant with Spear's child.

When the victim yelled for police and tried to call 911, Spears pulled the phone from her hands and threw it across the room. He then opened the window and tried to push her out of it. The victim then tried to leave the apartment, but Spears pulled her back in, where she waited, in the fetal position, until police arrived.

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