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Police Issue Warning After Cyclists Randomly Attacked In Minneapolis

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Random attacks against bicyclists in Minneapolis are prompting warnings Sunday from police.

We'll warn you, there are disturbing photos with this story as someone's been throwing chunks of concrete at bikers. Two people were hit on Friday in separate incidents, including 20-year-old Mackenzie Jensen of south Minneapolis.

He was biking on a quiet south Minneapolis block of 41st Street when officers say he was attacked out of the blue. A woman who was hit was in the same area.

The female victim was grazed with the chunk of cinder block but the other victim, avid bicyclist Mackenzie Jensen, is in rough shape.

In a bike community like this, his story and his photos may come as particularly unsettling.

Between Aldrich and Bryant - on 41st Street - it's the path most traveled for Jensen.  His mom Kristin Jensesn tells WCCO, "There was never a time he didn't want to be on his bike."

As her little boy became a man, he kept the hobby by commuting this path to work. He was on his way in on Friday, said Kristin, "About the size of a brick is what had hit his face, came flying at him out of nowhere and just cracked him in the face."

Witnesses say a man driving a white Bronco and wearing gloves was hurling a concrete chunk at Mackenzie.

Cyclist Attacked Mackenzie Jensen Minneapolis
(credit: CBS)

John Elder says Minneapolis Police are looking into it.

"It's so blatantly aggressive and so unprovoked, there's nothing to lead to think this bicyclist had done anything to this individual because it was a pattern of behavior on this person's part," Elder said.

Officers say they have a list of similar reports from around south Minneapolis, Mackenzie was hurt the worst.

"You can't take that pain away that he's going to be damaged, he's gonna be, not the same anymore," Kristin said.

His jaw is wired shut and face shattered. He'll need two permanent plates near his cheeks. All because of a stranger who cut his ride short.

"Here comes somebody who thought it would be a good idea to injure my child and for no reason, I think the no reason part and feeling so helpless is the part that gets me, every time, every time," Kristin said.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for Jensen. To donate, click here.

Officers say you can call Crimestoppers or Minneapolis Police if you have tips.

The car is described as a white or cream Bronco with a busted window with wood pinned up.

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