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Police arrest suspect who fled the state after fatal home intrusion

Police arrest suspect who fled the state after fatal home intrusion
Police arrest suspect who fled the state after fatal home intrusion 01:51

MINNEAPOLIS -- The search is over for a man who police say broke into a northeast Minneapolis home and killed a man.

It happened Friday morning in the 18000 block of Arthur Street.

Police say the couple knew the man who did it and had an order of protection against him.

A man who did not want to be identified was visiting a friend. "I woke up to some noise just sounded like some pounding really loud pounding," said the witness.

He took video as an intruder was breaking into the side door of the home next door.

"I was sleeping in the guest bedroom upstairs and I looked right down and there was a dude with a battering ram. He was pounding on the door with a battering ram he got through I recorded at the last second seeing him go right through the door, "the witness said.

Minneapolis police say a woman made a frantic 911 call from inside the house for help.

"A husband and wife had been sleeping in their residence when a known individual started to break in their side door the female who has an order of protection against the individual trying to break into the house was able to escape the house to safety, " said officer Garrett Parten.

She got out but the man inside did not.

When police got there they found a crime scene.

"Officers arrived and identified a male inside the house who had been fatally stabbed," Parten said.

What police didn't realize is the man allegedly responsible for the murder passed them on their way to help.

"The male subject was leaving the scene as officers were arriving, " Parten said.

31-year-old Franklin White was arrested late Friday afternoon in Wisconsin by the Wisconsin State Patrol.

He has not been officially charged with the crime.

"The relationship that Franklin has with the female we are working to determine exactly what that was she did have an order of protection against him, "said Parten.

This is the 57th homicide in Minneapolis so far this year.

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