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Police: 86 Bikes Stolen In Minneapolis In 1 Week

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – City officials are reminding bicyclists in Minneapolis to have their bikes registered and properly locked when not in use after a rash of thefts in the city over the past week.

Authorities said from Aug. 5-11, there were 86 bike thefts reported in Minneapolis, and the victims report a total financial loss of more than $45,000. Nearly 25 percent of those thefts happened in southwest Minneapolis with a value of more than $8,000 in stolen bikes.

Police said they recently recovered 45 bicycles that had been stolen in southwest Minneapolis, but only five of them could be returned to their owners because the others weren't registered or the victims couldn't prove ownership. Most of those will be auctioned off by the city.

Police said it's a reminder to lock up your bikes when not in use to make theft more difficult for thieves. Also, having your bike registered increases the chance you will get it back once police find the bike after it's taken. Registering your bike is free.

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