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Police: 3 Arrested After Carjacking And Police Chase Were Boys, Ages 12 And 13

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- A violent carjacking in South Minneapolis ended with a high-speed chase across the city. Police now report that three boys, ages 12 and 13, were taken into custody.

The victim told us the car jacking happened in Uptown just after midnight Saturday when a group of individuals held him at gun point and robbed him.
Casey (who requested his last name not be used) had just gotten home to his apartment in Uptown around midnight Saturday when he noticed a group of people standing in his parking lot. He got out of his car.

"Went up to my apartment door like they were going to go in or they were waiting for somebody," he said. "I put my backpack on and took my eyes off them for a second and that was all they needed."

The suspects took his keys and wallet. One of the suspects held a gun to the back of Casey's head and another pepper sprayed him before they took off in Casey's Mercedes.

"It didn't seem real. I thought, 'OK, I want to live through this,' so I cooperated with them," he said.

Later on Saturday, St. Paul Police spotted the same car on Snelling Avenue on the city's west side and began a pursuit that went onto metro freeways. The chase eventually ended in north Minneapolis where police talked the three suspects, 12 and 13 years old, to come out of a house and took them into custody.

"I got my locks changed. It definitely will change my life the way I like. I'll be more cautious coming home at night," he said.

Casey believes there were five people involved in the carjacking.

Minneapolis Police say they are still investigating the incident.

Just last week police warned residents of an increase in carjackings in the 3rd and 5th precincts.

Casey has lived in the area for several years.

"It used to be a really good neighborhood, a really good place to live," he said. "It definitely seems like there is an atmosphere in Uptown that things are getting kind of bad."

Casey still doesn't have his car back as he said it's been checked for fingerprints as part of the investigation.

The 3rd Precinct saw 100 robberies and 20 carjackings in July alone. Police say if you are confronted by a robber, it's best to not fight and be prepared to give up your belongings.

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