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Pine City voters show strong support for former President Donald Trump ahead of 2024 election

Donald Trump a strong presidential candidate for Pine City voters
Donald Trump a strong presidential candidate for Pine City voters 03:45

PINE CITY, Minn. — Sixty miles north of the Twin Cities off Interstate 35 is Pine City. Ringed by small family farms, it's a proud community where pictures of graduating high school seniors and American flags line Main Street. 

The scenic Snake River barely seems to move — but at Mia's Cafe, the conversation is brisk.

"All the democratic cities, that is where all the trouble is," John Hancock said.

John Hancock is angry about the southern border and inflation and blames President Biden.

"We are in the saddest shape we have ever been in and I'm 80 years old and we've never seen anything like this," he said. "Trump did good in four years and people don't like him because maybe he said the 'f' word or something. Who cares. He loves this country, he helps the people. What he did in four years, you can't measure anything up to it,"

Mary Babolik, a retired corrections officer, is angry too.

"Nothing happens. They don't improve things for the middle class. You know, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer and the middle class ends up paying the brunt of it. It's just crazy and I don't think that's right," Babolik said.

Babolik says she doesn't like either Trump or Mr. Biden — a popular view.

"I am not a big fan of either one," Brian Stuckey said.

Stuckey, an auto mechanic with a wife and two teenage kids, is leaning Trump.

"Trump certainly has a better track record when it comes to the economy," Stuckey said.

Steve Hancock told WCCO that life was affordable under Trump.

"When you go into the grocery store, you used to be able to buy a bag of groceries for $25. Now, it's probably $100. Everything is up, whether it's gas or food," Steve Hancock said.

At a table of retired female corrections officers, there was one supporter of Mr. Biden.

"I know Biden is for better social security," Jo Ann Running said.

She says it's another issue, though, that bothers her most.

"I am real concerned about the Jan. 6 incident," Running said. "What is going to happen to our country if that isn't taken care of? It will happen more and more. We won't have a Democratic environment anymore."

In the 2020 presidential election, Trump won Pine County by 30%.

Part of the WCCO commitment to covering the 2024 campaign is hearing from you, the voters. What's driving you to vote and what issues do you care about most? Esme Murphy is using voters' voices to break down what really matters.

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