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Pet Owners Turning To CBD To Calm Pets From Fireworks Stress

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- The Fourth of July is often a big, explosive celebration for us -- but not so much for our pets.

That's why pet stores sell products to keep dogs and cats calm, and many pet owners are turning to the newer supplement -- CBD.

Stormy is no doubt a smart dog, but despite her name, she's not the biggest fan of loud noises.

"She doesn't like the vacuum, and of course there's all fireworks going on everywhere which mimics the big sound, and she likes to hid under places," said Stormy's owner, Hahnbee Choi said.

So with the Fourth of July around the corner, Choi visited Chuck and Don's pet supplies store in search of products to calm her dog's anxiety, specifically with CBD -- the hemp-based product even humans use as a cure-all supplement.

"Seizures, pain, inflammation, anxiety, all of the above," said Chuck and Don's assistant manager Elizabeth Hayden.

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Whether it's in chew form like a treat, or an oil to drop on food, staff say customers are turning to CBD, especially this time of year.

"It's not like a medication that you would get from a veterinarian that you have to kind of ween them on and off of it," Hayden said. "It's something you can use very situationally. It can be one time, it can be daily."

Choi says it helps her other dog stay calm on long car rides.

"When I tried the CBD oil, he still wined a little, but there was no throwing up or no belly trouble in the car," Choi said. "He just laid down and went to sleep."

While supplements can help. Staff say pet owners should also have a plan to keep pets calm, such as finding them a quiet place to ride out of the Fourth of July fireworks, even with a trusty toy nearby.

"Away from windows, maybe play a radio so they're kind of drowning out that noise in conjunction to using other calming aids," Hayden said.

CBD is not regulated by the United States Food and Drug Administration. And some veterinarians don't recommend the product because research is still being done to better understand its effects.

Chuck and Don's staff suggest pet owners talk with their vets first before going the CBD route, especially if their pets are on other medications.

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