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Parents Speaking Out After Multiple Fights Break Out At Hopkins H.S.

HOPKINS, Minnesota (WCCO) -- Two fights in two weeks at Hopkins High School has parents and administrators working together to bring safety back to school. The latest brawl happened last Monday. Some staff members were injured while helping break up a fight between four students.

A plan is now in place to ensure students have a healthy learning environment.

Administrators say the fight took place around the same time students planned a sit in to protest the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict and injustices in the judicial system. It's believed the fight was not related to the protest.

Parent Kevin White is among a group of parents concerned about safety and restoring a focus on learning inside Hopkins High School.

"When you have those fights and the disruption, it shakes everything up," he said. "As parents we've seen way too many stories across the country of somebody getting angry for whatever reason and feeling bullied, whatever the case, and they come back with a firearm or something and it escalates into a real tragedy."

Parents WCCO spoke with say the district is listening to parents and have a plan to stop the violence.

"They're calling it a reset," parent Lara Becchetti said.

The letter says if students are roaming hallways or are five minutes late for class, they'll be escorted to the auditorium.

"(There) they have social workers counselors, and other teachers, and they'll have a discussion with the student to find out what's going on and try and figure out how to help them," Becchetti said.

Expectations were set, encouraging one another to get re-involved with their kids at school.

"At the end of the day we have to work together to give these kids a calm safe place to go to school," White said.

Hopkins says none of the students involved in last week's fight were involved in the most recent fight.

Administrators say Monday's reset was a good day. There were no reported fights or problems inside or out of the school.

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