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PACER To Honor 'The Most Positive Guy In The World'

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- PACER has been improving the lives of children with disabilities throughout Minnesota for nearly 41 years.

We see the positive effects it has every time we go the grocery store.

Brett Nelson packs bags at the 50th and France Lund's/Byerly's store with speed, efficiency, care and most importantly, a smile.

"What I like about working here is helping out the customers," Nelson said.

Brett's family moved to Minnesota to get him extra support. A neighbor told them about PACER, an organization that enhances the quality of life of children and young adults with disabilities. It changed their lives.

"Life without PACER I cannot imagine because they really taught me how to ask the right questions, gave me information and resources. Helped me through tough spots related to getting his needs met and helped us on that whole journey," Renelle Nelson said.

Thanks to PACER, Brett has been at Lund's nearly 18 years, changing his life and certainly benefiting everyone he comes in contact with.

"Yes, usually, I'm in a good mood when I am taking care of customers. I know, you've been doing that for 18 years for me. It's my pleasure," Brett said.

PACER will present Brett with the Otto Bremer Leadership Award at is annual benefit Saturday, May 12 at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Academy Award-winning actress and singer Jennifer Hudson will headline the PACER benefit.

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