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Oakdale PD Investigating Racial Slur Painted On Garage

OAKDALE, Minn. (WCCO) -- The search is on for the person or people who spray painted a racial slur on the home of a Hmong family in Oakdale.

On Sunday morning they discovered their garage door covered in large letters that spell out a derogatory term for Asians. Their minivan was vandalized too.

Oakdale police say they have no witnesses and no suspects yet.

The Xiong family just moved into their home in Oakdale two months ago.

They had been living in St. Paul and were very excited to make the move to a larger house in Olson Lake Estates.

Sunday morning they had to call the police.

"We don't have words to describe how we feel. It's just like, 'Wow,'" Linda Xiong said.

Xiong lives in the home with her parents, two brothers and sister.

She says they were surprised when a newspaper delivery person woke them up early Sunday to tell them about a mean-spirited word spray painted on their garage door.

"When I came out here I was shocked at how big it was. The writing, the letters," she said.

A nasty phrase was also spray painted across the side of the family's minivan.

The black paint has been removed but the effect lingers.

(credit: CBS)

"I feel like they've been watching us because of the writing. To know how to write what they wrote," Xiong said.

The Xiongs' neighbors wasted no time letting them know how they felt.

"They came and they knocked on our door and said they were very sorry. And our neighbor, his name is Pat, he was helping us. He was already cleaning our garage," Xiong said.

Linda Xiong says her family has been able to find some good in this bad experience.

Even though they were targeted by vandals, they've learned they have compassionate neighbors.

"It opens my eyes about how nice and just how heartwarming they are, and how much of the love they can give and support us even though we are so new here," she said.

Oakdale police say another garage door on the same street was hit Sunday morning as well.

The words "Nice Car" were spray painted across it.

Police are asking for the public's help in finding the people responsible for all of this.

They could be charged with criminal damage to property and possibly more, if racial bias is factored in.

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