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Not The News With Laura Oakes: Modern Mother

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- "Not The News" is a new, original content podcast produced by WCCO's Laura Oakes. It is what it says: not the news.  It's a chance for Laura to explore all kinds of topics she finds interesting, outside of the award-winning news you hear on 'CCO each day.  Think "life meets your favorite magazine article."  Fresh, real conversations, and chance to learn something new.

It's the "modern mother" vs. the "myth of Facebook."

Parenting is challenging enough, and no one's family life is even remotely similar to those perfectly-curated posts you may see on social media.

WCCO's Laura Oakes peels back the layers of motherhood with author Julie Burton, and why the first step on the path to being a good mom is taking care of yourself.


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