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Nick Raehsler Lost 150 Pounds In A Year, Now He's Sharing How He Did It

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- March 1st is just another day for most of us. But for one Wisconsin man it's a momentous anniversary.

He'll celebrate losing 150 pounds in a year. How'd he do it? WCCO found three tips Nick used to make a total transformation.

At 23 years old, Nick Raehsler is a man in charge in Hudson, Wisconsin. He runs three businesses related to KLASS Cosmetics, supplying salons, and shoppers with cosmetic supplies and confidence.

But the beauty industry expert has questioned his own image, "There was definitely times I did not feel beautiful."

But, times have changed, "I finally feel like going to the gym, that's where my happy place is. I just feel so like myself."

It's an internal revelation on the heels of an external transformation. In under a year, he's gone from 365 pounds to 215 pounds, no drugs, no surgery. He started his journey on March 1st, 2019.

Nick started walking his dog three miles a day, and joined in on a low carb office challenge, "We had the Keto challenge for 30 days and I lost about 20 pounds."

He eventually switched to a macro plan, eating protein and a moderate amount of protein and fat. He dropped 100 pounds in just a few months.

In August, he decided to try the gym. He hasn't missed a day since. He was losing weight and gaining respect from gym regulars like Michael Kubiak, "It's a lot of work, a lot of work and for him to push himself as hard as he has, it's, it's – I'm very impressed."

Raehsler says, "I'm all about body positivity, it's a big thing, right now it's a big movement. But being healthy is more important to me than trying to set my own health aside."

Nick showed us his new gym skills at Riverfront Athletic Club in Hudson, Wisconsin.

He hopes others follow his lead and offered three secrets to his success.

  1. JUST DO IT. He says, "It's the most known tagline, the most cliché tagline. But just getting out there and opening your mindset."
  2. NO excuses. He recalls, "That was my hardest thing to get over was the excuses in the beginning. We all find them, the weather, I don't feel good."
  3. NO cheating. Nick explains, "When you cheat on yourself, you're not cheating on anybody else. It's about you, you're on this journey for yourself."

As his own journey takes on a new appearance, this beauty expert realizes the most beautiful part of his transformation is the one on the inside, "I'm just happy, I'm happy where I am, where I'm going."

Nick says he believes 90 percent of the hard work is in the kitchen; 10 percent in the gym. We talked to a nutritionist about his weight loss.

She says, in general, the safe pace to lose weight is two to three pounds per week.

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