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New Vikings Stadium 20 Percent Complete

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -  The new billion dollar Vikings stadium is one fifth complete.

Along the way, stadium organizers are making some costly changes but assure the Vikings team is picking up the cost.

Taxpayers have already paid for half this stadium, but there are always changes along the way when you have a project this big.

But stadium organizers say they want to make it clear there is no more public money for this project, so the team is stepping up.

The Vikings are already contributing $49 million for any unforeseen costs and improvements during construction.

On Friday, the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority approved an additional $500,000 for a couple of new improvements they've run into.

They include another elevator they want to add, bringing the total to eight, some other improvements to skyway construction in the area leading into the stadium and some additional mechanical and electrical costs.

The head of the MSFA says there could be more changes along the way toward completion, hopefully in 2016.

Right now, MSFA says there are about 665 workers at the construction site every day, working ahead before winter, when the pace likely won't be as fast.

Bird-safe glass protests

There were also some concerned citizens at the meeting Friday.

People are concerned about birds migrating and crashing into the new stadium windows.

About 20 people were there with signs and very vocal, saying they want the stadium to get a new type of "fritted" glass that helps birds detect it's there so they can avoid it.

The stadium authority says they're working with the state Audubon society but that this change isn't in the budget.


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